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Norwegian Silver Hallmarks


Master Goldsmith Per Bredo Østby is the 3rd generation goldsmith in Oslo.

Besides of running a goldsmith shop in Oslo, he was co-owner of Bogstadveien Antique Ans trading with old silver and jewelry.

He has written 4 books on Norwegian silverware, which deals with series produced cutlery in silver and clad, children cutlery in silver and plated and enameled mocha spoons.

In 2007 he wrote a book on Norwegian silver and goldsmith hallmarks from approx. 1500 to 1950. Previous to this book, Norwegian hallmarks throughout this period had never been collected in a book.

The four old goldsmith guilds in Norway (from 1568 to approx. 1860) collected their masters in their respective works, but after the guild judiciary come to an end (approx. 1860), and until registration of all hallmarks became official mandatory (1969), there has been a unknown void.

The overview of many works of the masters (after 1860) and the hallmarks that they have used is unknown.






Books about norwegian silver and gold


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